We offer all kinds of resources to help you and your family grow in your walk with God.

The Church is a Giant Resource

The Bible describes the church as a giant resource in any community! We believe the church - where Jesus is the Head and we are the Body - is the hope of the world. Literally. Government, education and social programs can only do so much, but Jesus Christ and His Church can change a person from the inside out, set them free and set them on a path of restoration and victory.

Bay Area Baptist Church is one of those kinds of churches. We've watched Jesus change countless lives through His church. The church as a resource can be seen through many metaphors. 

The church is a loaded smorgasbord where power-packed seeds and nutrient rich spiritual food cause people to grow and mature.

The church is a family where brothers and sisters love and care for each other.

The church is a hospital where hurting, brokenhearted people can be healed.

The church is an army where everyone falls in line, finds their rank, takes their place and learns how to use their weapons to do battle and take territory from the enemy.

The church is a lighthouse where lost souls on stormy waters find shelter, safety and refuge.

The church is a big farm where seeds are sown, fruit is grown and believers become giant combines to harvest the multitudes who like sheep without a shepherd.

The best and most important resource we have at Bay Area Baptist is the Word of God and the power of His Spirit and we hope you'll allow the Lord to do what only He can do.