Giving is an essential part of who we are as Christians. We believe that all we have comes from God - that we are managers of God's money as opposed to owners of our money.

Jesus talked about money more than anything else because it is the #1 roadblock regarding intimacy with God. We will walk in freedom when we give generously and with grateful hearts.

It fuels life-change. It is only through the financial generosity of everyday people in our community that Bay Area Baptist Church is allowed to lead the community to loving God & loving others. We believe money given to Bay Area Baptist is to be spent aggressively in areas where we see God moving and we will make no apologies for taking risks to follow where God is leading us. 

We recognize that one of the biggest concerns people have about churches is what happens to money that is given. That’s totally fair. We maintain open book policy when it come to our ministry expenses and have an annual Compilation or Audit by an independent CPA firm.

If you have questions regarding contributions, use our contact form and someone will be sure to respond to your request.

Why Give?

Love God. Love others. Even with my finances.

When it's upside down, money controls people and destroys lives. It's the #1 cause of divorce and a top contributor of stress and suicide. However, when it's right side up, money is a tool of a generous life helping people grow closer to God and each other.

What the Bible says?

It's a reflection of your heartMatthew 6:19-20

It’s a privilege. 2 Corinthians 8-9

It's faith in action. Acts 4:32-35

Give Online

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