Continue Discipleship

January 8 | Continue Group Discipleship

We begin a NEW adult class on Sunday, January 8th at 9:00 AM. This class is for anyone that wants to grow deeper in their faith. Featuring fourteen lessons that cover key Bible doctrines and personal applications, Continue is perfect for helping you become grounded in God's Word and develop a growing walk with Christ. Each lesson includes a straightforward outline with thorough support Scriptures and is written so anyone can easily teach. Additionally, each week includes daily devotions to encourage you to develop the habit of getting into God's Word daily. See you on January 8!

Course Topics
  • Week One - The Word of God
  • Week Two - Knowing God
  • Week Three - Who is Jesus
  • Week Four - Your Salvation
  • Week Five - Developing a Prayer Life
  • Week Six - Your Relationship with God's Word
  • Week Seven - The Holy Spirit
  • Week Eight - The Life of a Disciple
  • Week Nine - The Local Church
  • Week Ten - Your Place in Your Chuch Family
  • Week Eleven - Financial Stewardship
  • Week Twelve - Go and Tell the Good News
  • Week Thirteen - Living in Light of Eternity
  • Week Fourteen - Continue

If you are interested in participating in our discipleship ministry (either to be discipled or become someone who disciples) please fill up the form below and submit your request.

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