Connect :: Something for Everyone

We are a multi-generational church and there is something for everyone at Bay Area Baptist. Getting connected at Bay Area Baptist is about relationships that get beneath the surface. 

Ministry for the Whole Family: We are doing our best to help preschoolers, elementary kids, middle and high schoolers, college students and adults of all seasons come into a dynamic relationship with Jesus and experience the abundant, purpose-filled life Jesus wants for us. Here are a few things we offer:

Preschool Ministry: For ages birth-K, a safe, bright, Jesus-filled environment for little ones to learn about the Lord.

Elementary Ministry: For ages 1st-6th Grade, a fun, action-packed, Bible-filled production with singing, skits, games, contests, drama and God-filled lessons.

Middle School: For ages 7th-8th grade, a relevant time of ministry for students with worship, interactive contests and challenging message from the Bible.

High School: For ages 9th-12th, a time of heartfelt connection with God, worship, rubber-meets-the-road messages that connect with students and tons of fun.

College and Career: For ages 18-24, a weekly time of worship, hanging out, prayer, hearing the Word and talking together. Plus an intensive discipleship program for those who want to go deeper.

Adults: For everyone 18 and older, numerous ministries, classes, programs and serving opportunities.

Other Cool Stuff: For everyone, special events, conferences, concerts, ministry times to reach various people with specific, relevant ministry.